Making Payment Better,
Making Payment Better
for Billions with Next-gen Technology

Digital transformation lets the bolder payment service providers reassess growth and cross border assimilation. Amidst the rising trend of digital payment adoption, EVONET empowers client to make smarter, quicker decision and maximise their business potential.  

While we take care of the key concerns, our clients focus on business expansion.

Change makers are leaders, disruptors, pioneers and risk-takers who believe in challenging the norms. At EVONET, we specialized in the landscape of payments technology. We open the gateway for a streamlined and efficient transaction options for firms to extend the reach of possibilities and create opportunities to deliver effortless payment experience to their customers all around the world.

Deliver exceptional business values to mobile wallets, financial service providers and wallet networks

We build user friendly and easy to integrate APIs for mobile wallet operators, financial service providers and network to exchange services and values seamlessly.

"EVONET is operating a technical superiors and business friendly infrastructure that connects consumers, wallets, wallet network and financial service providers together seamlessly. The connected platform enables everyone to create useful products and services that create greater user experience."
- James Zhao, CEO of EVONET Global
What is EVONET ?

Interoperability is our business, we connect mobile wallet operators, QR code acquirers and financial services providers globally from South East Asia to APAC and across borders.

EVONET is a global innovative financial service platform.

Our core service includes; cross-border QR code retail payment, QR code e-commerce payment and remittance service at lower cost, anytime and anywhere.

For players in the digital payment ecosystem, connecting in an integrated and secure way means expansion activities are safe and seamless to accomplish.   

Great Business Model Creates Strong Business Growth From Various Markets

Technology advances are bringing into play payment system transformation and EVONET brings new payment architecture to link customers to develop greater and tailored offers. The major benefits? Our clients can now scale their business, offers cross border QR payment options for both physical or e-commerce retail purchase as well as include digital financial services such as digital remittance service to their end customers.

Connect with us to grow in the digital payments ecosystem in the region and across the borders.









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