EVONET Product Family
EVONET provides following products and services to
expand and enhance mobile wallet acceptance, features and functions.
QR code Payment services that connect QR code mobile wallet and QR code acquirer
Enable cost effective wallet top-up by connecting to direct debit channels

Integrate merchant services on mobile wallet app

Enable wallet users to make cross-border remittance anytime & anywhere through mobile wallet

EVO Payment
EVO Debit
EVO Mini
EVO Transfer
Expand Wallet Acceptance
Cost-effective Wallet Top-up
Increase Wallet Functionalities

Become Wallet Super App

Benefits for Mobile

Wallet Operator

Benefits for QR Code
Merchant Acquirers
One-time system connection with EVONET, enables the mobile wallet payment on all participating merchants.   

No need to sign additional agreement with merchant.

Single net settlement with EVONET at T + 1.

Leverage local existing wallet acceptance branding.

Enrich payment brand acceptance for merchants to meet different payment needs of customers.
Increase cross border payment volume with minimum system development works and cost.   
Enjoy single net settlement with EVONET at T + 1.
EVO Payment helps wallet operators to expand QR code retail payment and QR code e-commerce acceptance with single connection, without change at merchant end.
Expand Wallet Acceptance
Mobile Wallet Digital Remittance
EVO Transfer supports real-time cross-border money transfer from wallets to wallets from anytime and anywhere.
With EVO Debit, the prepaid account of mobile wallets can be topped up from international branded card, bank account or from another mobile wallet.

Support multiple sources of fund

Ease of integration through APIs

Low cost implementation

Shorter time to market solution

Mobile wallet users always want to access to their source of fund to top-up their mobile wallets, in order to support digital mobile lifestyle. With EVO Debit, the prepaid account of mobile wallets can be easily and securely topped up from international branded card, bank account or from another mobile wallet.

Real-time remittance service
Low remittance transaction cost to user
Generate additional revenue stream from new service
Supports receipts of remittance from global destination

Enrich mobile wallet functionality to support remittance from anywhere and anytime
Cost-Effect Wallet Top-up
EVO Mini service helps mobile wallet to become super app by integrating functions and servicers offered by service providers on to mobile wallet. The mobile wallet super app will provide digital services that can help to fulfill mobile digital lifestyle needs of modern-day consumers.
Become Mobile Wallet Super App

PCI DSS and ISO27001 certified EVONET services that provide confidence to partners that all EVONET financial transactions are processed in a secure and reliable manner.

First ever platform that enables inter-mobile wallet transactions for cross-border QR Code payment, e-commerce payments and financial services such as digital remittance.

Extensive APIs are provided to ease system integration by reducing system development effort, investment cost and quick turnaround to market. New APIs can be introduced to support new digital services without impact to existing setup.

What makes EVONET Unique ?

EVONET shields the technical and operation complexities from partners, so that they can focus their effort to grow business fully. Partners only deal with EVONET as single entity for transaction, dispute, settlement processing and other supports.

EVONET services enable partners to generate new revenue streams from new digital services. With rapid adaptation of digital mobile lifestyle by mass consumers, strong growing of profitability for partners is expected in near future.

Platform is designed and implemented with flexibility and scalability in mind, in order to help partners to capture new digital business opportunities and enable mass consumers enjoy the benefits of new digital services.


Complexities Shielding


New Revenue

Ease of Integration




Shared, Distributed and Open Network