EVONET endeavours to innovate with further financial services to mobile wallets by means of creative and simple digital capabilities through the EVONET platform. Some exciting upcoming project includes digital insurance, digital investment, digital lending, digital ID and others.

EVONET was established in 2019, with a diverse group of zealous individuals and supported by an experienced management team. EVONET has at that short period, received investment funding from TIS Inc of Japan, testament to the EVONET’s work.

The firm provides global innovative financial services platform, built to enhance and expand mobile wallets capability. From enabling cross-border QR Code payment to supporting secured fast and at-hand digital financial services such as digital remittance. By evolving and innovating to provide payment convenience, the EVONET network thrives.

Thus, EVONET, the recourse to optimise and grow beyond in payments. EVONET’s core competencies connects different applications to talk to each other.

Many mobile wallets work on supporting domestic payment service, some with limited functions and capabilities. Financial service providers are digitising their products and services with mobile applications, however they too face limitations of having effective channels to connect their products or service value propositions to the mass users.

The uptick in digital transformation has driven the evolution of payments and introduce cost efficient and readily available digital payment options such as mobile wallet payment, QR code payment, e-commerce payment, amongst others. The change give rise to the demand for smoother secured integration between various services, new business opportunities and new functions & services to serve the ever demanding mobile digital lifestyle.

About Us
To create an Innovation and Enthusiasm driving company dedicating to
Payment Equality of the world.

To bestow the accelerating
Digital Life on everyone
with the driving force of payment.

Payment Drives Digital Life.



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